120 NSM Future Breeders

SOLD | AUCTIONSPLUS - Weaner & Yearling Sale 1 | Friday 15 October, 2021 - Commencing 8am (Qld).

A/c Johnson Pastoral Pty Ltd - Ormonde Station, Hughenden.

This is a quality run of Charbray Heifers.

Very quiet and well educated.

Heifers are unjoined and are ready to be joined to a breed of the Purchaser's choice.

Weight ranges are: 66hd 400-450kg, 46hd 450-500kg and 8hd 500-548kg.

Colour is predominantly creamy with there being 11% Mixed Colours including light Brindle, Red/Honey and dark Blue/Grey.

These Heifers would be ideally suited to a Breeder operation, but would also suit the Feedlot market.

They were back-lined on the 11/10 at assessment with Zeromec Pour-on, the Withholding Period and Estimated Slaughter Interval are both 42 days.

If requiring tick clearance, these Heifers will be cleared on farm at Vendor's cost.


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Craig Herring

Craig Herring

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Type of Livestock: Cattle
Type of Listing: For Sale
Number of Head: 120
Transaction Type: Sale
Sex: Heifers
Breed: Charolais/Brahman
Age: No. 0
Price: SOLD | AUCTIONSPLUS - Weaner & Yearling Sale 1 | Friday 15 October, 2021 - 8am (Qld)
Pregnancy: Not Station Mated - Unjoined
Weight: Low (approx.): 385kg
Weight: High (approx.): 527kg
Weight: Avg (approx.): 432.9kg based on -4% Del. Adj.
Condition: Fwd Prime 9% / Fwd Store 91%
Horn Status: 50 Polled / 6 Horned / 64 Dehorned
Tick Status: Ticky
HGP Status: HGP Free
Vendor Bred: Yes
Delivery Point: On Property: Ormonde Station, Hughenden
Location: Queensland